Spanking Device Characteristics



4. HANDLE CONVENIENCE. The most important parameter is weight, as it effects on balance. Handle length, thickness, shape and smoothness are important as well. Length and thickness are individual parameters. You should note that it is very difficult to hold a handle of unsuitable thickness, because you will have to spend additional forces during impact. The shape is usually either cylindrical or spindle-shaped. Speaking about smoothness, a slight roughness is acceptable: it prevents the device from slipping in a sweaty hand. At the same time, various decorations can graze your palm. We stand for leather whips with minimalistic round braided handles without frills as the guarantee for non-traumatic plays.


5. DENSITY OF WEAVING effects on the process of whipping. Tightly woven devices are easier to control. Loose devices serve less and the Top has to undertake additional forces. But beginners may misjudge low density with flexibility. Loose devices may seem more attractive, because with insufficient technique it is easier to roll such a device for localized stroke.


6. DIRECTIONAL STABILITY. This parameter effects on the device stability in flight and its ability to hit a given point. It depends on length (most likely, tip of a bullwhip will always swing a little bit), high-quality weaving, as well as the core homogeneity. Unfortunately, the core is hidden inside the device and it is impossible to assess its quality without spoiling the product. In BDSM whips the core is made of leather or silicone and both are good. You can check core stability in different ways: to stretch the device, bend it, rotate it around the axis. However, the whip should be tested in action.


7. FLEXIBILITY. This parameter characterizes how softly, smoothly and evenly the device bends along its entire length. The device should bend gently and smoothly along its entire length. Elastic devices behave as if they contain a coil spring or flexible rod inside, therefore it takes some effort to roll the device for some strokes. Flexibility is necessary mainly for localized strokes, when the tip of the tail flies into the required area.


8. LEATHER QUALITY is the most critical parameter for the Bottom, as it defines surface and texture the masochist "bears on its shoulders." It also affects mechanical strength, durability, flexibility and the entire product, on the whole. If the device is just middling even to the touch, do not believe it if the manufacturer says that the leather will " develop ", "become better in time", etc. Yes, with some glycerin, hard surface and good deal of swearing, you can slightly improve a normal device, but you can never make a good one out of bad. Our device makers use only best Italian genuine leather for the leather whips.


9. RELIABILITY. Reliability directly results in safety and in durability. In general, good devices are rather strong, if you avoid stupid things like hitting the trees, cracking a whip without a fall and so on. Only extremely active use to the max could lead to the loss of the device properties, and even in this case only many years on.