Shibari Safety Tips

Shibari is considered one of the most dangerous BDSM practices. The safety rules should be taken very seriously.

Here are some tips to remember during your shibari session:

1. Always finish bondage with a safety knot.
3. Never tie a rope around your partner's throat.
4. Always have near you a pair of bondage scissors just in case you have an emergency and need to instantly release the partner.
5. To avoid the danger of suffocation, always make sure that the partner can breathe easily. Never bind someone facing down onto a soft ground - they could easily suffocate without you noticing.
6. Avoid pressure around the places where there are nerves and veins and make sure that you are not over-stretching any muscles.
7. Do not try suspension bondage, until you are sure of your skills and your body knowledge. 

(photo credit: Svetlana Seleznyova)