Let's Get Acquainted!


We are Igor and Alesya, old friends and owners of Passion Craft Store.

When we started exploring fetishes, we faced the challenge to find devices that meet our aesthetic views. Having tried hundreds of leather whips, we came to the conclusion that the best pieces were handmade by masters, who enjoy BDSM lifestyle themselves and who dedicated their lives to the art of whip making.


And the best ropes are made by the artists with large experience in shibari performances.  

It was a good luck to find communities where we put in touch with such masters and artists! 

We discussed with them the specifics of manufacture and design, the difference between materials, offered our ideas and visions. We became part of the community and of manufacturing process.

In 2017, a brilliant idea flashed into our mind - to create a store and to promote Ukrainian fetish products worldwide. Every item in our store is handmade with care and attention to details. During that time we provided about 1500 BDSM enthusiasts all over the world with instruments for passion and helped hundreds of people to find their fetishes.

If you are new to BDSM world and don’t know exactly what you want — contact us and we’ll help you to find your fetishes.

If you have large experience and have something unique in your mind — we will be happy to help you to create it.

Discover your desires and how to fulfill them!