Shipping FAQ

Your shop is from Ukraine. Is it safe to order from Ukraine now? Do you guarantee the delivery?

Yes, it is war in Ukraine now. But we managed all postal issues and it is totally safe to order and ship. 
Below are the few fact why:
- Ukrposhta, Ukrainian Postal Service, operates as usual.
- Nova Poshta Global, the second largest shipping company, leased cargo airplanes for 2023. 
- DHL has resumed shipping services in select locations of Ukraine.
- We send by Fedex, DHL and UPS from Poland.
- We use the partners warehouses in the USA, UK, Poland for our top selling products. 
We guarantee the delivery.
100% packages were delivered to our clients since May 2022.
- We will do a 100% refund in case of non-delivery.

What is the average shipping time from Ukraine?

The average shipping time is 14 days.
Most of the items (except for the long crops and canes) we ship with expedited shipping as a present.
If you ordered the item and we have it on our EU or US warehose - we will tell you about it and offer the Express shipping.
The average Express shipping time is 4 days.

What does Standard / Expedited / Express shipping mean?

Standard shipping means delivery with Ukrposhta and Nova Poshta Global, the two largest Ukrainian postal companies.
The average standard shipping time is 23 days.
Expedited shipping means combined shipping method:

  1. We send the package to our partners warehouse in Lviv, the biggest city close to Poland.
  1. The next day the package is on its way to Poland warehouse.
  1. After customs clearance the package is provided to:
  1. - Fedex / DHL / UPS / DPD / Royal Mail / PosteNL for final delivery to EU countries 
  1. - Fedex or UPS either for further delivery to the US warehouse or for final delivery to the customer. 
  1. From the US warehouse the package is provided to USPS, UPS or Fedex for final delivery to the customer.
The average expedited shipping time is 10 days for EU countries, and 14 days for the USA and the UK.
Express shipping means direct shipping from the USA or EU warehouses.
We store our top-selling products at the US and EU warehouses and can ship it directly from there. 
The average express shipping time is 4 business days.

Why my tracking number is inactive? Do you really sent me the order or just created a shipping label?

We always ship in time and inform you about this.
Sometimes, when we ship with expedited shipping, we can give you the final tracking number, which becomes active only when the package is provided to the final delivery company.
Till that time the tracking information says that the shipping label is created and the package is not provided yet. Such status may be up to 10 days.

You are from Ukraine and the delivery is 3-5 working days. How is this possible?

We store our top-selling products at the US or EU warehouses and ship directly from their. In such cases the delivery time is 3-5 days, sometimes even 2.