Spanking Device Characteristics

In this series of articles we will talk about important characteristics in flexible spanking devices.


1. WEIGHT is one of the key characteristics, as it directly depends on effectiveness or "punching" properties of the device. At the same time, it depends on how quickly the Top will get tired. Extremes are bad in both cases. To do an effective stroke with a light device, the Top will have to apply force and act for too long, which leads to fatigue. At the same time, it could be hard to work with heavy device, especially for rather small people. Too light devices may not produce any effect on "experienced" masochists, while too heavy devices may injure in case of an inaccurate stroke. Naturally, it makes sense to compare devices of the same type.

2. LENGTH effects on comfort, style, stroke force and visual appeal of the action. Note, that in life the maximum permissible length is often limited by the size of the room. In our opinion, long-length leather bullwhips are good for outdoor and public actions, while short-length leather whips are more comfortable at home. Middle-length leather whips for BDSM can be used in both cases.

The choice may also depend on person height and bodily constitution. Low height person runs the risk "to be entrapped" in a bull whip, while for a tall person the same bull whip will be quite comfortable. Lanky long-armed people with little experience look slightly creepy when they use long-length devices. They often lose accuracy, do overlaps or involuntarily bend their elbows, which leads to fatigue. And, of course, in general it is not easy to manage with long-length devices without experience. It is also strange to take a long powerful device for an easy flogging: it's like hammering little nails with a sledgehammer.

3. BALANCE, that is weight proportions of the handle and the working part. It is very important to pay attention to this before purchasing a device. If the weight of the handle is not correct, the impact will be either too strong or too weak. Many toys have a downside to the problem: if the handle is heavier, then you can forget about the effective impact. As a result, the Top holds the device incorrectly: not by the handle, but somewhere in the middle.

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