Some Words About Cat Floggers

What is a cat flogger? A lot of you know and have already used this beautiful tool. Let’s speak about it a little.

What is a cat flogger?

Cat flogger, like many other flagellation devices, came to us from old times. The interesting fact though is that, unlike other devices, it was from the beginning used only on people.


Speaking about the form of the device - it usually has a rigid handle, sometimes with a flexible part, and tails. The most common number of tails is nine. Such device is called cat’o’nine tails (or cat of nine tails). You can also find a five, seven or eleven tailed cat. The tails can be flat or round braided, each one ending in a knot or a small cut sting.


How to use?

Why they call it a cat? The reason is quite simple - with it one can leave long parallel marks on skin. And that marks look like cat claws scratches.


How one strikes with a cat flogger? Because of its construction this device is usually used for pulled strokes - after the tails touch the body one pulls them over the skin. Also, like other kinds of flogger whips, it is suitable for short repeated strokes.


Safety first!

Speaking about safety - the devices made exclusively for BDSM use are quite safe. But one should remember that cat flogger is heavier than most of other flogger types and is not for beginners.


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