Leather Whip Endings

Let’s talk about such important thing as whip ending. Most often you’ll find a whip with tassel ending. But there is much more to discover! Different kinds of endings provide a different touch.

❤️ Snake tongue is a split weaved ending which gives a moderate impact on a two-spot area. This one goes perfect with snake whips.
❤️ Classic tassel ending is the most common one and works great with any kind of a whip. It produces a moderate impact on a medium-sized area.
❤️ Small cut stinger is what you need when looking for something more biting. It impacts a small area and it’s touch is strong.
❤️ Stitched sting slapper is the rarest ending. It suits an intention to make a strong impact on a medium-sized area. Besides that it gives a louder slap sound.

At our store an ending of a whip can be modified to your needs. A fall ending is something you can choose to your liking. Each one makes a different whip touch. Which one do you prefer?