BDSM Collar Etiquette

Let’s speak about such important thing as collar etiquette in BDSM. First of all we should mention that there are a lot of collar varieties with different meanings and for different use. Some people may put strong meaning into the collar and others may wear it only as a beautiful accessory. It looks like you can never be sure what a collar means to person. So the main rule, particularly, at BDSM parties and events is to be respectful. When approaching the person in the collar it is preferable that you take into consideration the following rules:

- Never touch a person without their explicit consent.

- If you see that a person in a collar is accompanied by another one, who seems to be the collar owner, address both of them. If it is clear that the sub person is under protection or this couple have some stronger relationship, ask the Dom the permission to talk to their sub. It is always preferable to talk and get the Dom’s consent for talking to the collared sub.

- If a collared person is not accompanied by anyone the general rule of politeness works fine. Always ask permission to talk to the person.

- If you’ve made a contact you may ask the person what the collar means, but be ready that they have the right to keep this information to themselves. 

- Never touch anybody’s collar without a clear and explicit permission.

- When trying to approach someone always do this in a friendly and respectful manner.

- Remember, don’t be upset if you’re rejected. People may have a lot of reasons for that, and in most cases they are not connected with you.